Pink bicycles

Pink bicycles are beautiful yet functional for both recreational fitness cycling and mountain cycling. Choose traditional versus sport handlebars, thick or thin tires, traditional or no-pump tires, and so many other options depending on your fitness and recreational goals, current health, size considerations, etc. Have fun cycling!

Perfect for the ladies, pink bicycles are so individualistic for pink-color lovers! If I had only merely waited a year! Look at this beauty! It's in what they are referring to as "Gloss Blush", which is actually quite an elegant light pink blush colour :)

Last year there were some Specialized™ brand bikes in medium and hot pink colors - very tempting - but hard to find locally. So, I opted for a purple bike with hot pink branded lettering that's very similar to this beauty... Still pretty and stylish... But, Gloss Blush is so cool :)

View the Roubaix Expert from Specialized™ on

Specialized™ is a well-respected brand (and my personal favorite!), but there are lots of other great bike brands such as Trek, for example. In many ways, it is more about choosing the best bike for your individual needs when you are choosing within the $800 to $8000 USD price range, which is considered a good range for new enthusiast's first bike. For serious cyclists and racing cyclists, it's not uncommon to spend well over $10,000 USD and in that case, bike brands become more technologically distinct and special. We'll expand this post soon with more pink bikes and details on how to choose a bike, bike fit, etc.

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