Guide: How To Paint Wood Monograms

The fun and often preferred aspect of painting your own wood monogram is the latitude to include your own personal touches (i.e. designs, ombre shading, etc.). For an additional fee, we would be happy to prepare and paint your wood monogram for you. It typically runs 50 to 100 dollars extra for the time and labor to do so on your behalf. If that's of interest, contact It's very easy to do, actually, and quite a lot of fun, particularly if it's a family event or friends event. The main consideration to keep in mind is that most paints you'd liking be using will be highly staining on your clothing, tables, floors, etc. So, definitely protect your clothes and any surfaces. Also, it's important to have good ventilation and best is the temperature is not too high or low. A regular chip brush works really well for large areas, whereas a small brush for details areas is perfect.


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