Parties, events, fundraisers ~ How It Works


Q: What can I/we choose from?
A: The wood monograms and porch signs are ideal for parties as being interactive projects that keep hosts and party goers engaged and provide for a wonderfully practical home decor result to use.

Q: Do I/we need to sand them down?
A: You can if you wish but it's not entirely necessary.  Some of the wood or board party franchises use hammers, sandpaper, and other wood-working tools - but that's for board art with palleted boards.  It's quite a bit different in terms of being more rustic or people wanted palletized board to look more weathered or rustic.  With our monograms, it's more elegance oriented.  We've not really seen people wanting to hammer or change the monograms structurally.

Q: What kind of paint do I/we need?
A: Acrylic paints or chalk paints work the best.  It's kind of a personal choice thing.  Acrylic paints can be matte or shiny.  If using outside, then spray with a sealer after the projects are dry (always spray outside in well ventilated area!).  We prefer not to send paint through the mail and feel it's better for you to view the colors in person when selecting.  Any art store (i.e. Dick Blick) or craft store (Michaels, JoAnn) or hardware store (Lowe's, Ace, Home Depot, Menards) will have a myriad of choices!  Chalk paints are really nice and come in many colors now.  


Q: How does the pricing work?
A: For your convenience, all prices are all-inclusive.  This is true for both customized and non-customized merchandise. 

Q: What is the price range?
A: Generally speaking, from approx. 40 USD to 100 USD.  For quantity discounts, when ordering for parties, you may contact us via "Request A Quote" if you'd like.  We've worked on parties as small as 4 people to many many times that, so the overall cost for parties is obviously much higher than for individual gift giving or personal home decorating. 

Q: How much extra will the paints cost me?
A: Generally speaking, approx. 5 USD to 10 USD per project. But, it depends on the number of colors and the amounts that you opt for.  The paint cost decreases per project as you add more projects.  

Q: What else will I/we need to get/have?
A: Sturdy water bowls or buckets (that won't tip over).  Paper towels.  A canvas dropcloth or large pieces of paper to protect the table(s).  Paint brushes - chip brushes and small brushes.  Smocks or not too important clothing to wear.  Hairdryer to speed up the drying process.  Music.  Wine.  Kush.  Naked men.  LOL...

Q: How does the shipping work?
A: A: Special bulk shipping discount rate available.  All projects shipped to party host's home or business.  Tracking number provided in advance.  Please communicate your party date with us so we can verify that we'll be sure to get everything in production and out to you well in advance.  


Request A Quote

Q: Need a shipping or quantity quote?
A: Simply complete the form below or do to the dedicated page Request A Quote page anytime to resume when you're ready.