Pink sports cars

Pink cars in any model and make turn heads! Pink sports cars are especially fun looking. Available in shades from pale pink to blush pink to fuchsia pink and everything imaginable in-between, you're sure to love your wheels!

One of my fav cars, the Lotus Elise, is shockingly interesting to look at and fun to drive. Being such a small car and resembling a go-cart in many ways, it's not surprising that it's not feature-rich like, say, a plush luxe Lexus, for example. What the Lotus Elise lacks in features it makes up for it with a fun ride and appearance.

You can certainly have any car wrapped in any shade of pink that you wish, but many pink sportcars and luxury cars are custom paint coloured.

Here's a great synopsis of this super cool car to read - enjoy! Mind Over Motor test drive

Order a custom Lotus (it doesn't look like you can custom order an Elise at the moment) if you'd like at :

Some other car makes that are especially stunning in hot pink colours include the Audi TT and Volkswagen Beetle (surprisingly cute!).


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