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Personalized Dark Brown Passport Holder ~ in Gold (22k) ~ Three initials

Dark Brown Passport Holder with Gold (22k) Monogram

Order Customization

Please input the Initials in the exact order desired. For example, Mary Ann Smith could be MAS or MSA depending upon whether the middle letter is larger than the other two.
Are you sending a gift to someone? (This is optional, is printed on the packing slip.)

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Product Details

Our personalized gift passport holder would serve well as a gift for college students studying internationally, as well an ideal office gift for executives who find themselves traveling frequently-domestically and abroad.

Measurements: Passport holder measures 4 1/4" (w) x 5 1/2" (h).

Coloring: Surface color is Dark Brown. Debossed lettering is available in Blind (no foil), Gold (22k), Rose Gold, or Silver foil.

Personalization: Personalize outside panel with 3 initials in the order of First, Middle, Last