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Personalized Cake Topper ready to paint
Cake Topper ready to paint - 8 x 9.5
Cake Topper ready to paint - 8 x 9.5

Cake Topper ready to paint - 8 x 9.5

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Choose from non-personalized and personalized ready-to-paint wood projects. Personalized items feature a single monogram, a three letter monogram, a first or last name, or a monogram plus name combination. We recommend using chalk paints or acrylic paints, but even house paints and watercolor paints will work.

Specially designed for engagement parties and weddings, these laser cut toppers are a unique addition to any cake. Each will add the perfect elegance and they also make a great gift or keepsake to remember your special day. Enter up to 6 digits (MM.DD.YY) separated by periods. IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: If you prefer not to have a (0) ZERO in single digit months/days, do not enter them, If you enter them, they will be included.

Dimensions: Approximately 8"W x 9.5"H
Material: Made of .5" thick Baltic Birch Plywood.
Hardware: Easy to hang or display
Made in USA

Pricing is all-inclusive. For online orders that are shipped we don't include paints in portioned paint containers. We will include the other accessories you'll need, namely a couple of brushes, paper towels, protective paper, an instruction guide (if applicable), and of course, the project! All wood projects are custom made-to-order. Please allow up to 14 days to receive your project. Enjoy your time painting, please send us a photograph of your finished masterpiece!

Cake Topper ready to paint - 8 x 9.5