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Q: Where's the Login?
A: To access your online account, see previous orders, update your personal information, and see pending deliveries, etc. - Account Login

Q: How do I create my Account?
A: During the checkout process, you'll have the opportunity to create an account (optional) at PinkBlush.com. To create your account beforehand - Account Registration

Q: Where's my Wishlist?
A: Anytime during your shopping experience, you may opt to add an item to your current cart or save it in your Wishlist.  View your Wishlist anytime here - My Wishlist


Q: How does the pricing work?
A: For your convenience, all prices are all-inclusive meaning that all personalization or customization and engraving services are included. There are no additional costs or fees of any kind for customization or personalization. Most products are available non-personalized if desired.

Q: What is the price range?
A: You'll find our merchandise to be pleasingly broad in terms of price range. From simple practical items to lush and luxe merchandise, whether for yourself or for others, you'll find something perfectly personalized or perfectly as is!



Q: How does the shipping work?
A: PinkBlush.com currently services domestic and Canadian orders only. Shipping is free (included in the price of the item) within the United States, shipping is available for a nominal additional fee to Canada.

We don't offer expedited shipping so please plan accordingly and allow up to 14 days at most to receive you merchandise (this is particularly true during peak times or for personalized merchandise).


Q: How long will it take for my package(s) to arrive?
A: It depends solely on the item or item(s) that you've selected. All personalized merchandise take 2-7 days for processing and creation. Allow up to 14 business days from the date of your actual order to receive your order. In most instances, parcel arrival will be less than 10 days but it's not possible for us to guarantee that, due to issues beyond our control and the shipping companies' control. From experience operating other business, expedited shipping isn't as reliable as we need it to be for you (hence, not offered), so please simply allow up to 14 days for delivery, particularly if your order contains personalized merchandise.

Most non-personalized and non-customized merchandise should be at your door within 10 days. For hand-crafted or made-to-order merchandise coming from the USA to the USA, please refer to the item description for expected delivery. Some of the merchandise items are made right in our own facility and those items will be shipped directly to you.



Q: Can I return or exchange merchandise?
A: No, we don't offer returns or exchanges. PinkBlush.com sells gift giving and home decor merchandise. Because PinkBlush.com does not offer shoes, clothes, or apparel, merchandise is never returned or exchanged.

If there is a problem with your order, however, please let us know so we can ensure everything is taken care of to your satisfaction. Please be advised that personalized merchandise is not returnable, exchangeable, or refundable under any circumstances except for shipment damage, a quality issue, or an error on our part. Please submit photos to us for review.


Q: How do I initiate warranty service?
A: Within your packaging or your box - if applicable, you'll find detailed instructions on how the warranty service program works for your particular purchased merchandise. Please direct all questions, etc. to the warranty service company.

Please let us know that you're initiating warranty service so that we may follow-up to ensure everything was taken care of to your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not finding the structured process to be suitable as a solution, please reach out to us and we'll be glad to help you.


Monthly eNewsletter

Q: How can I receive your eNews and catalogs?
A: Simply sign up via our subscribe form and let us know! You can easily unsubscribe anytime as well. If you're already a customer or already had subscribed to our eNewsletter, then you're already in the queue.

To unsubscribe simply do so via our unsubscribe form and we'll mark your account accordingly. We are committed to ensuring quality digital service protocols.