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CHOOSE the gift certificate amount desired:  $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, or $200 USD.

We send gift certificates to you (the gift giver) or to your recipient (the gift receiver). Please be sure the "Shipping Address" is the address to which you need it sent to.

If sent to you, you can fill in the 'To', 'From', and 'Message' sections as you wish.

When buying multiple gift certificates that are all to be sent to you as the giver, please complete one order.

If sent to someone on your behalf, we will hand-write in the information you provide us for the 'To', 'From', and 'Message' sections.

When buying gift certificates for multiple people, please complete each order separately.

When buying gift certificates to go to multiple addresses, please complete each order separately.

All gift certificates are mailed within 24 hours. Please provide us with your best email and phone numbers in case we have any questions about the address or the content.

Terms of Use:

As stated on our gift certificates: "To redeem, shop at and enter the Cert # during checkout. One gift certificate per order. Order minimum gift certificate amount. Note: Not redeemable for cash nor replaceable if lost. Not refundable."

What are you ordering?

+ Gift Certificates & Merchandise without personalization
+ Important info about personalizing
+ Fabric merchandise with personalization
+ Step 1. Text Type & Font options
+ Step 2. Personalization ideas
+ Step 3. Thread color options
+ Wood wall monograms (always personalized)

Gift Certificates & Merchandise without Personalization

Gift certificates are mailed by the next business day. Merchandise without personalization (either by choice or by product design) is processed within one business day and shipped within 1-3 days with tracking details provided.

Important info about personalizing

All items you order with personalization are "made-to-order" and as such, require time in production before shipping occurs.

Fabric merchandise with personalization - THREE (3) DECISION STEPS

Step 1. Text Type & Font options

PinkBlush Personalization - Text Type and Font Matrix Chart

Step 2. Personalization Ideas

PinkBlush Personalization Guide

Step 3. Thread Color options

PinkBlush Personalization - Available Thread Colors for Custom Embroidery

Wood wall monograms (always personalized)

Most of the wood monograms require that you provide your personalization choice(s). The font is as shown. Please play particular attention to the ordering of initials (i.e. FML versus FLM). Your custom order will be put into production and ready to ship to you in 5-10 days. You'll receive tracking details.

Our wood monograms are a craft project that you'll complete with your own paints, brushes, etc. View our detailed guide: How To Paint Wood Monograms